Co-founder and Director COO of KVART Inc.

Takanori Tayama has a wide range of experiences, including that as director, from management of fund of venture capitals (VC), nurturing a target to invest in, making and managing a sub-company through M&A, to starting and running his own businesses in a venture capital that specializes in an early stage of start-ups and an incubation company. He has joined several management sections of Main Street and venture companies and dealt with a design and development of new businesses, financial issues, scaling-out strategies, and restructuring programs. In parallel with this, he also develops cloud-base applications to improve management of Main Street, builds platforms to expand a share of social products abroad and proposes a plan related to traditional crafts and its expansion. Additionally, he has joined Pioneers Asia, which is held by Pioneers and The Nikkei, as external advisor to become a bridge between Japanese start-ups and its expansion to the outer world.