President of Global Sales Partners Inc., Special Adviser of Child Developmental Science Research, Chairperson of AMA-TERRACE, a producer unit of ladies who love Japan.

During 2000 and 2011, Sonomi Takatsuka achieved the highest sales result as an individual as dealer of imported cars at a company her father runs. After that, with the achievement, she expanded her own service specializing in operation and sales to develop a related program, and human-resource developing grogram to nurture more people who can help developmentally disabled children as well. Additionally, she is a lecturer of nurturing Chinese coming stars. In 2014, she joined IVLP through invitation from Department of State. Then, she learned many things about entrepreneur-ship of the primary and secondary industries and economies and policies of local areas. In 2015, from its preparation, she joined “rooms BENTO NIPPON” and produced “Ama BENTO” of Toba, Mie Prefecture. (Ama means a woman of the sea, in Japan)