President of PCP Inc., Auditor of MET’S CORPORATION

Gentaro Asakura is auditor-secretary of JASCA and of Fora, both a general incorporated association. He is also auditor of other several companies or was and has supported dozens of companies as to the management. He is aiming at building an infrastructure for changing or gaining jobs of accountants as a representative of PCP. In The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, he belongs to a committee about development of affairs of accountants, intra-company accountants, a committee as to young accountants. He has more than one thousand of dialogues with accountants per year and is making efforts to develop a program system for announce of accountants. He has experiences as officer of a listed company and a company under preparation of getting listed, lecturer for students who want to be accountant and officer of a student-supporting organization. His consistent theme is to energize Japan, and he therefore supports activities of students. JASCA is aiming at becoming “Modern Terako-ya”, which is a private school, which existed in the Edo era.