Our team

  • Rika Oishi DeliciousADVOCACY

    Head director of OASISBANK, a national NGO, CEO of SuperOrganic Holdings, Japanese Head director of IFOAM ASIA

    Rika Oishi Delicious spent her childhood in North America and France and majored into a study of contemporary arts and architect. Back to Japan, she worked as general manager of a company dealing with architectural design. Her clients range from ministries to Centre Pompidou. Being a mother in 2010 made her found SuperOrganic Foods and she has produced many foods and expanded its business to running a convenience store or to AI development with a theme of a future dining hall for coming 200 years since then. Her mission to leave to children sustainable societies and creative environments led foundation of OASISBANK. www.super-organic.jp

  • Takanori TayamaSOLUTION

    Co-founder and Director COO of KVART Inc.

    Takanori Tayama has a wide range of experiences, including that as director, from management of fund of venture capitals (VC), nurturing a target to invest in, making and managing a sub-company through M&A, to starting and running his own businesses in a venture capital that specializes in an early stage of start-ups and an incubation company. He has joined several management sections of Main Street and venture companies and dealt with a design and development of new businesses, financial issues, scaling-out strategies, and restructuring programs. In parallel with this, he also develops cloud-base applications to improve management of Main Street, builds platforms to expand a share of social products abroad and proposes a plan related to traditional crafts and its expansion. Additionally, he has joined Pioneers Asia, which is held by Pioneers and The Nikkei, as external advisor to become a bridge between Japanese start-ups and its expansion to the outer world.

  • Torsten FischerR & D

    a social change advocate. As innovation consultant and organizational developer he has worked for multinationals, universities, startups, government and NGO. In his most recent venture he supported Nikkei Inc. in growing the Asia startup ecosystem through events like Pioneers Asia and FinSum as Program director, attracting thousands of visitors from across the globe. His speciality is to connect the old with the new to create value for everyone.

  • Mao SakaguchiBRANDING

    Ethical Producer, Originator of the board of implementation of ethical movement, from H.P.FRANCE

    Mao Sakaguchi moved to America when he was junior-high school student, and joined the field of fashion and music after graduation of a university. He came back to Japan in 2003 and joined H.P.FRANCE. After dealing with launch of specialty boutiques, business of arts and E-commerce business, he introduced a new-concept area, “Ethical area”, at one of the greatest joint exhibition of fashion and design, “rooms”. His movement over LUMINE, Shibuya Hikarie, eco products and so on, attracts more and more people in the line.

  • Sonomi TakatsukaLOCAL VALUE

    President of Global Sales Partners Inc., Special Adviser of Child Developmental Science Research, Chairperson of AMA-TERRACE, a producer unit of ladies who love Japan.

    During 2000 and 2011, Sonomi Takatsuka achieved the highest sales result as an individual as dealer of imported cars at a company her father runs. After that, with the achievement, she expanded her own service specializing in operation and sales to develop a related program, and human-resource developing grogram to nurture more people who can help developmentally disabled children as well. Additionally, she is a lecturer of nurturing Chinese coming stars. In 2014, she joined IVLP through invitation from Department of State. Then, she learned many things about entrepreneur-ship of the primary and secondary industries and economies and policies of local areas. In 2015, from its preparation, she joined “rooms BENTO NIPPON” and produced “Ama BENTO” of Toba, Mie Prefecture. (Ama means a woman of the sea, in Japan)

  • Gentaro AsakuraAuditing

    President of PCP Inc., Auditor of MET’S CORPORATION

    Gentaro Asakura is auditor-secretary of JASCA and of Fora, both a general incorporated association. He is also auditor of other several companies or was and has supported dozens of companies as to the management. He is aiming at building an infrastructure for changing or gaining jobs of accountants as a representative of PCP. In The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, he belongs to a committee about development of affairs of accountants, intra-company accountants, a committee as to young accountants. He has more than one thousand of dialogues with accountants per year and is making efforts to develop a program system for announce of accountants. He has experiences as officer of a listed company and a company under preparation of getting listed, lecturer for students who want to be accountant and officer of a student-supporting organization. His consistent theme is to energize Japan, and he therefore supports activities of students. JASCA is aiming at becoming “Modern Terako-ya”, which is a private school, which existed in the Edo era.