Organic Asian Hackers

Organic industries, giving an impact on societies

The world population has grown to be 7.2 billion and our era has seen many changes and revolutions of the way of eating, working and purchasing so far. We believe that thinking about a form of a sustainable society for the next century in this Galapagos-esque city will realize the advanced infrastructure of 22th century. We capitalize on the social impact of active industries of organic productions with “being sustainable”, “being organic” and “being ethical” from Asia.

Organic industries are growing all over the world.

The organic industry in America is worth 39.1 billion dollars (11% increased from the previous term), that in Euro Zone worth 22.7 euros (6% increased from the previous term), and this up-going trend is keeping on. In EU, some countries including Germany and France are leading the industry for greater growth although some others are behind them. The reason of this trend is the concern of consumers’ about pesticide and more and more emergence of eco-friendly consumers; this trend is irreversible. Some countries already fail to meet the demand and actively adopt importing such productions.