Build – Organic City

We believe that sustainable activities to make an ideal town will pave the way for a better future, and design “Organic City” as a specific image model to spread.

“Organic City” is a city where the autonomy should:

1) have the vision of the next century and the history in mind and apply concepts of “Being sustainable”, “Being ethic” and “Being organic” for the basis of developing a city;

2)contribute to improvement of the global environment by using organic resources of the local area; and

3)develop the dynamism of a city as innovation that embraces changes of the time.

Thinking about environment issues

Now we are having various environment issues, including global warming. The environment issues are said to stem from the overload to the environment that comes from daily lives and ordinary businesses of people. To work out solution for this matter, we should turn the way of existence of mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal into a sustainable system.

Triune of economy, society and environment

The era we are living in has aspects of environment, of society and of economy all intertwined complicatedly; thus, passing on blissful environment to the next generation requires the economic system of a society to value environment. The aspects of society and of economy should be healthy and sustainable for the sustainability of the aspect of environment. Therefore, fundamental review of the economic activities and fashions of living is calling for urgent attention to build a sustainable society. We believe this is the way for the fulfilled society in a true meaning.

Population-decreasing society

Our country, Japan, is more and more concerned about decrease and aging of population. Especially local cities have more and more sparse population even in urban districts, which entails the loss of functions of a city, including medical care, public welfare and commerce, and aggravation of their financial problems. Thus, the government drew up a plan, “Overcoming Populatiton Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy in Japan”, to obtain the sustainability of development of local cities out of a beneficial cycle where a job invites people and people invite jobs in turn.

Supporting items:
Organic city policy
Organic city development gist
Program to become an Organic city
Holding summits or events
Wellness & health-care program
Visual identity
Countries, cities and towns, companies and real-estate developers in Asia
Achievement of ripple effects by the family network among Organic cities