MISO Fund is an organic bank where you can find, “wanna-eat, wanna-share and wanna-make”. With the policy of “Organic = Social Cost 0”, this fund invests money in change-makers who will generate phenomenal impact on societies involving more than one million people to enable permanent sustainability of the creation of Smart Asia. This project is the motherboard to achieve value creation of a mission of OASISBANK.

*MISO Fund has the vision of the next century and the history in mind, employs concepts of “Being sustainable”, “Being ethic” and “Being organic” and uses the resource in Asia. MISO Fund also invests money in technologies, persons and activities of innovative concepts. This also includes people who live a life using organic resources of this planet to contribute to improvement of the global environment and thereby contributes to the development of cities that aims at being an Organic city. Plus, this fund goes ahead with “Organic fund”, which contributes to both protection of global resources and development of economy at the same time.