bPO is an organization of human-resource development for change-makers who will give a great impact on societies involving a million of people in Asia with a method of “Organic = Social Cost 0”.

Low production of agriculture in Asia

In 2013, the productivity of added value per farmer in developing area of Asia was just 804 dollars in the price level of 2005. This is higher than that of Africa south from Sahara, 705 dollars, yet is still lower than the average of low- or middle-income-level countries in the world. Although they can’t be compared directly as the data are not new (from World Development Indicator, 2010), that of Japan, a developed country where agriculture productivity is low, is approximately 30,000 dollars. Productivity of added value is, in a nutshell, the value of sales amount versus purchases cost, so low productivity of added value means low income of the people. For example, Cambodia has 41 % of population who earn less than 2 dollars per day, and Laos does 62%.

The Green Revolution of Mekong Basin brought greatest improvement of productivity and of yield quantity by rice growing. Now, it’s said that more and more species are bred for improvement and production improvements were made; these have decreased productivity these days. Thus, enhancing productivity of agriculture is the main problem in Asia and each countries of Asia

Bring out agricultural revolution of Asia

In order to increase the productivity of organic productions, we are implementing a project suitable for the demand of the local area with the local NGO. We offer seeds, dirt, fertilizer, methods and techniques, and build the network of logistics directly going to markets with ambitious members. We believe that our activities will solve the problem of poverty in Asia and will build the platform of human resources where a person who turns zero into positive by behavior to avoid food crisis.

Boy traveling by boat in floating village.