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From where does the energy to drive across “Temporary City” come?
A music party to talk about the future of Asia

National NGO-OASISBANK (for short, OASIS), which spreads the concept of “SOCIAL_COST_0” from Asia, has been officially founded. The activities of OASIS will be new for Japan.

OASISBANK is a general incorporated association founded in May 2016. Its dawn was July 2015, when Rika Oishi Delicious, the administration officer of representation from Japan, summoned young entrepreneurs in Japan to IFOAM ASIA. She is also the first lady officer in Asia. The team that she made thought that they should contribute to development of the sustainable society of Asia with the knowledge of national strategies and the actual implementation related to primary industries, which they came to know through IFOAM ASIA, and of organic farming in Asia and of enormous problems as to the policy and agro-politics in Japan.

We are making cities of “Organic” design in collaboration with local governments and defining what is “Organic City” in Japan. Out of Japan, we are dealing with many projects with companies of related businesses and with some NGOs who go ahead with the idea of being organic as well as developing leaders of the next generations.

At the night of 7th are an orientation meeting of the project and a meet-up event with great performance and beatboxing of a super-duper DJ.