OASIS is supporting for spread of the Ethical concept.

《ETHICAL33 – Ethical Convenience Store》


ETHICAL33 is a convenience store where you will find “wanna-gives”.
Some people say that our life will be based on not what to buy but what to give. So, convenience stores, which are what bring confortable life, will play the main role of improvement of the society then. The goods here are all ethical, sustainable and organic and your purchase of these will directly contribute to development of the society.


《#Vegetablehuman Ethical Staff》
The staff of this store plays a role of voicing the importance of being ethical aloud by the appearance. These vegetable humans, based on “Being ethical”, “Being sustainable” and “Being organic”, attract people by the statue-esque appearance. The stylist is HIKARU SEINO, who gets beyond a simple florist, and #Flowerhuman from his singular mind bathes in the sun of greatest attention all over the world.


The new standard of the world, BENTO NIPPON:
BENTO NIPPON Project, which makes Japan and the world beautiful with Bento (Lunch box, in English), aims at ethical purveyance, production and 100% distribution for the piece of the Earth and improvement of the environment. Thus, the box is made beautifully suitable for the value of the local area and material as well as the character and fashion of the cook. Japanese cuisines, including Sushi, Kaiseki, Soba, Rice, Set lunch, Ramen, Fermented food and Sake, are progressing its second phase as a standard meal of the world and the health benefits, life styles and cultures are also becoming more and more attractive. The mission of BENTO NIPPON is to convey the smiles and love of manufacturers, cooks, sellers and buyers with a small box. The Bento available in Ethical Convenience Store is Kisarazu Ginger BBQ Bento from Chiba Prefecture, which declared itself an Organic City this year. The Bento was made by manufacturers, cooks and buyers in Kisarazu, and produced by KAFKA, a restaurant in front of the Kisarazu Station.



All the goods available in ETHICAL 33 are
made with considerable care for the global environment.

Organically-grown Sasanishiki Brown Rice
Organically-grown Sasanishiki Brown Rice
Rice Miso produced by traditional fermenting method
Fresh organic tomatoes directly from Hokkaido
In addition to these foods and drinks,
A tube of toothpaste without synthetic surface acting agent, and
A hand towel made of organic cotton
are also available. All are made organically
contributive to supporting the producing areas
and protecting precious traditional techniques.
Yes, everything is ethical here.

Choosing ethical products is
one of the best behaviors
to protect the future of this planet
and to achieve blighter society with children.

Contributing to the protection of this planet
through everyday purchases
is possible here.
Ethical 33 will make
the Earth
and us fulfilled alike.
Don’t you want to shop like that?


What is “rooms”? – A joint exhibition of fashion and design

“rooms” is born in 2000 and expanding multiple businesses around fashion and design, like joint exhibitions. From this joint exhibition, many creators of singular worldviews has expressed their concepts; thus, buyers and journalists have met many promising creators here, and this exhibition has grown to be the one of the greatest scale accommodating 500 brands and 20,000 visitors. The biggest feature of “rooms” is to renew the visual image of design of the venue, exhibition projects and advertising, according to the concept of the time. The 33th concept is “FANTASTIC”. You can watch many pieces of installation of seldom-appearing artists. “rooms” is an exhibition beyond a joint exhibition and attracts many people for its uniqueness.

Name: rooms33
Days: 2016/9/14 – 9/16
Hour: 10:00 – 18:00
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium Yoyogi Gymnasiums 1
No. of Brands: 500 brands
No. of Visitors: 20,000 (estimated)
Official Site:
Official Blog:
Official Facebook: