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Asia is rapidly growing with almost 60% of the whole population of this planet and each of cities and industries here is dynamically developing. On the other hand, various social problems have been emerging, including natural disaster out of climate change, food crisis and disposal problem due to growing population, environment contamination caused by economy development focusing too close on its benefit, gap between the rich and the poor for marketing mechanism of excessive capitalism, lack of accesses to education, medication and safety for succession of poverty, working children, human-rights issue and inequality of men and women. We believe that what solves these problems is the concept of “Being sustainable”, “Being organic” and “Being ethical”.

Given that the nature of “organic” is friendly to the Earth, we gain the definition of it as “the state where social cost is zero”. For example, take a look at a process where a product is made, used and then disposed of or reused. Here, creating fundamental additional value with a system that does not cost something of a society brings more sustainability of human beings and the Earth. This concept will be a guide for the prosperity of mankind and be a good starting point for SMART ASIA, which is the place where change-makers come and grow. They will generate innovations and social impacts that enable sustainability of the future of Asia.

A long-term action, “a Positive from 0”, aims at spreading the concept of “SOCIAL_COST_0” over our life styles, and also will be a guide for development of new diversities, economy and cities. We are looking for the moment when the energy brings the greatest impact on societies involving a million of people.

To create a sustainable future of Asia with “SOCIAL_COST_0” concept
To encourage change-makers who pursue the fundamental value of “a Positive from 0” concept with the view of “SOCIAL_COST_0”
To capitalize on the potential of the change-makers who bring the greatest impact on societies where a million of people live with the concept and method in accordance with “SOCIAL_COST_0”


OASISBANK (ORGANIC ASIA SUPER INNOVATIVE SUPPORTERS) is a general incorporated association founded in May 2016. Its dawn was July 2015, when Rika Oishi Delicious, the administration officer of representation from Japan, summoned young entrepreneurs in Japan to IFOAM ASIA. She is also the first female officer in Asia. The team that she made thought that they should contribute to development of the sustainable society of Asia with the knowledge of national strategies and the actual implementation related to primary industries, which they came to know through IFOAM ASIA, and of organic farming in Asia and of enormous problems as to the policy and agro-politics in Japan.

The activities of OASISBANK rely on 3 pillars: Management of fund, support for policies and developing human resources. On these 3 pillars are funding to change-makers in Asia, presentation of a policy of “Organic City” concept and support for the implementation, and development of diversity program. To achieve these, OASISBANK comprises skillful entrepreneurs on the edge of the world and various professional teams outside as well.

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Create a sustainable future of Asia
with “SOCIAL_COST_0” concept.

33 Tomikawa, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, 048-1554
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